About Memit [ BETA ]

Five Reasons to use Memit

Learning languages is my hobby and i always create and use flash cards to learn better (and faster).
Traditionally we use paper to create flash cards and it costs a lot of trees. To save some trees, i decided to create an online application for this purpose.
I know there are lots of websites for this purpose, but Memit has its own advantages:

  1. It's really easy to use. with just a few clicks, you can create new categories and add flash cards to them and of course learn them.
  2. Memit uses Leitner System. (a simple, three sessions system)
  3. You can use Memit on any device / browser.
  4. You can share your flash cards with other users.
  5. And It's FREE.

Contact Information

Email: Rezade2004@gmail.com