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Flash cards are effective memory-aid tools that can help students learn new material quickly. Flashcards are the effective and easiest way to learn and remember new information. Furthermore, they simplify and condense information so that you only learn the important facts and ideas. In flashcards, the content of books has been stripped down to its essence and placed into a format that is easy to read and understand.

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The Advantages of Flash Cards

Flash cards are effective memory-aid tools that can help students learn new material quickly. Although it may be tempting to associate flash-card learning with younger children who may be learning the basics of arithmetic, an article published on the Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne website notes that the use of flash cards can be effective in college disciplines like psychology.

By Jared Lewis, eHow Contributor in eHow

Economic Advantages

Flash cards can be one of the least expensive ways to study material. There is no need to go out and buy a set of fancy illustrated cards. Instead, create flash cards with simple 3 x 5-inch index cards, which can be utilized with or without lines depending upon the type of information needed.


Flash cards provide students with a portable learning tool. Rather than having to carry around a book or notebook, flash cards allow students the opportunity to take as many cards as are needed.


The portability of flash cards can improve efficiency in learning new material. By taking the cards everywhere, students can make effective use of their time when they would otherwise not be studying, such as using them while walking on the treadmill.

Condensing Material

One mistake students sometimes make when studying for college classes is trying to learn too much material at one time. This can make the learning process cumbersome and can be overwhelming. Flash cards eliminate extraneous material as they can focus on only the most important elements of what students need to learn.


Utilize flash cards for virtually any subject. They make perfect learning tools for memorizing vocabulary for the study of foreign languages, English vocabulary, math formulas, dates and events for history classes, psychology terms and even more advanced topics, like medical terminology.


Since the order can be shuffled, flash cards prevent students from simply memorizing the order of the answers in long-list items. Reverse the flash cards so the answers can be seen first and students must surmise what the original questions were.